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Halo Chandelier

Halo Chandelier image credit nova68.com

Halo Chandelier image credit Caroline Tiger

Halo Chandelier image credit Drew Kelly

Halo Chandelier image credit Drew Kelly

Halo Chandelier pendant light fixture. The beautiful and austere Halo Chandelier blends illumination with the instant appeal of turn of the century light fixtures. The beautiful Halo Chandelier is really a joy to behold and gives instant atmosphere to any space. Holding promise as a great centerpiece for any interior, be it residential or commercial, this chandelier provides elegant illumination above the dining table, living room, etc. The Halo Chandelier features antique-finished solid brass sockets and cloth-covered electrical cords. This simple and timeless design employs the light itself as its only ornamentation. Simple, industrial, and effortlessly elegant, the circles and wires create a beautiful lighting pattern when illuminated at night. Perhaps the most perfect chandelier for a wide variety of home styles. The Halo Chandelier is also a favorite among interior decorators because they go with just about any kind of interior design. Cord measures 20" from top of ceiling canopy to hub above the Halo. This chandelier comes hard wired for ceiling installation. This chandelier can be outfitted with large filament Edison-style light bulbs as pictured, light bulbs are sold separately.

The Halo Chandelier can be outfitted with standard incandescent light bulbs. It can also be outfitted with filament light bulbs as pictured. A set of 6 filament light bulbs as pictured is sold separately. If you need more filament light bulbs in the future, you can purchase them separately (see bottom page). Our European-standard 60 watt filament light bulbs are appropriate for U.S. light fixtures and burn at a gentle 15 watts due to the lower US voltage. So these are perfect for ambient lighting where atmosphere is needed. If you prefer stronger illumination, you can outfit the Halo Chandelier with any light bulb up to 60 watts maximum.

Halo Chandelier from NOVA68