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Lagranja Foscarini UTO

Lagranja Design: UTO Lamp
Foscarini, Italy.

UTO is a multi-purpose lamp which can be used as a ceiling or floor lamp, indoors or outdoors. Foscarini’s UTO lamp is the first model able to completely interact with the user’s desires: UTO is designed to respond to requirements of total flexibility in every single detail. It is ideal for use both indoors and out, it is a floor, ceiling or hook lamp that can be positioned freely as one wishes and is able to follow the individual from one room to the next, it is shatterproof and indestructible.

Soft to touch, re-assuring and familiar yet with an innovative design, it is ideal wherever one wishes to install a lighting feature with a playful, versatile character.

Uto is made of supple silicon rubber: it is suitable for outdoor use thanks to the bell that surrounds the plug and the polycarbonate screen – the only rigid component – that protects and insulates the bulb whilst allowing the passage of direct light. For wall-mounting a hook is provided on which the lamp can be hung as desired.

Size: Ø 7.78" x 126" lenght.
Bulb: 1 x 60W incandescent

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