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Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin

Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin
Taliesin 11 Pendant Lamp:
Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1955.

Official authorized edition by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

This is the largest of 3 available sizes. This beautiful Taliesin lamp is truly a work of art and a classic in the history of 20th century design. When Frank Lloyd Wright converted the original gymnasium of his Hillside Home School (1902) into a theater in 1933, he designed lighting pendants made up of square boxes and plywood shields to be suspended from the tall ceiling. These fixtures proved to be a lighting innovation, providing comfortable indirect lighting without the use of glass or shades. In 1952, when the theater was rebuilt following a fire, Wright modified the design of the original fixtures for use in the dining room, attaching them to the oak beams overhead. He found their soft indirect light so pleasing that he had a standing floor lamp version of the same design fabricated for use in his own home, Taliesin. This lamp was made with the highest attention for details by Yamagiwa.

Height: 7'-4" 5/8 (2251mm)
Width: 16" 1/2 (420mm)
Depth: 8" (204mm)
Weight: 35.3 lb. (16 kg)
Lamp: Eleven 25W incandescent (frosted), candelabra

Material: Cherry wood with Cherry Wood Finish.

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