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Rocio Romero Modern Prefab

Rocio Romero Modern Prefab LV Series Homes

Rocio Romero is the owner of Rocio Romero LLC. She is the designer as well as builder of her prefab designs. Rocio received her Masters of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture and her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Design with a major in Architecture from UC Berkeley. The Rocio Romero Prefab LV Series homes are surprisingly affordable (base model starts at just $33,900) and we love their sleek minimal look.

The LV series is a modern line of homes designed and manufactured by Rocio Romero. The LV series has been thoughtfully designed to enhance a modern lifestyle that is connected to nature. We provide you with factory built kit components for the exterior shell which is built on site by a general contractor.

The LV series kit homes first started with the LV home (Standard LV); it is the second LV prototype designed and built by Rocio Romero. Romero's other LV unit designs have been developed to provide additional options while maintaining the same style and design as the original LV. All of the units have a standard width of 25'-1, but vary in size because of the difference in the length. We have three standard types of foundations for you to choose from: crawlspace, basement, and/ or slab on grade. Each unit can be customized to meet your specific taste and needs, you can chose from several exterior siding options as well as reconfigure interior and exterior walls. The LV units were designed to be built individually and/or combined to create a larger home or compound.

Design Principles: Simple, Quality, Green, and Space


Our firm is committed to simplicity. We rigorously employ the principles of minimalism. Our designs produce comfortable spaces with balanced proportions and clean lines that promote natural air and light. Our manufacturing and construction solutions make for simpler construction and more affordable building.


We are committed to quality. We have designed our homes to meet the most stringent of engineering requirements, giving our homes the best structural performance. We use the very best materials for all of our prefabricated components. We inspect every prefabricated component to verify that it is built to our specifications. We provide your contractor with a free help line to ensure timely answer to any questions that may arise during the building process


Our designs are environmentally friendly. We embrace the beauty of the landscape by visually bringing the outdoors in. We use environmentally friendly materials and we employ prefabricated systems to minimize used resources. We design our homes to be energy efficient and flat pack our products to minimize the space required for shipping, using less fuel and creating fewer truck emissions. We work together with our customers to come up with creative green solutions that offer cleaner air as well as consume less energy, such as solar power, radiant heating and swamp coolers.


Great design should be timeless and comfortable. It's about thoughtful quality not quantity. Rocio Romero focuses on producing elegant, strait-forward design that maximizes your visual connection to the landscape while minimizing the overall footprint of the home.

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