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Waldi, Munich 1972

Waldi, designed as a mascot for the Munich Olympic Games in 1972

"Waldi", the dog with the cute color combination seems like it may have been designed by Verner Panton. Waldi, the first official mascot to appear for the 1972 Munich Games, was a Dachshund. He was modelled after Cherie von Birkenhof, a longhaired breed of the species. While Waldi was the first official Olympic mascot, and preceded by the unofficial "Schuss", who appeared four years earlier in Grenoble.

"Waldi’s" head and tail are light blue, and his body has vertical stripes with at least three of the five Olympic colours. Waldi was produced in various forms and sizes: plush, plastic, stickers, posters and buttons - but not as a pin until many years later.

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