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Prada and the Prada Robots!

We just came back from Tokyo Japan where we visited the modernist Prada store in Aoyama. We were perplexed with this incredible modernist structure. Walking inside the building feels like being in Woody Allen's futurist movie "Sleeper". We admire Prada and its founder Miuccia Prada for it's vision in fashion, architecture and design! Prada is currently offering a small army of robots, robot dogs, robot keychains that are certain to become part of museum collections one day. This hot new Prada robot trick keychain is a favorite for the Prada enthusiast and modernist. This Prada robot line is fun and a perfect compliment to any outfit or modern interior. Each Prada Robot has a unique style. Some of them are pretty large. We don't know how many different robot creations are available. We will try to list as many pictures as we can find before they disappear into purses and collectors closets. Suit yourself to quality and luxury with the Prada modernist Robot line before they are all gone. Visit Prada at Prada.com