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Arne Jacobsen Royal Lamp

Arne Jacobsen Royal Floor Lamp SAS Hotel

We discovered this great Arne Jacobsen Royal Floor lamp at Intermarche on eBay. This beautiful lamp was designed by Arne Jacobsen for the Royal SAS hotel and the SAS airline office in Copenhagen Denmark, 1959. Combination of bright steel and linen in an elliptical shade that seems to float in the air. The support fits into one side of the elliptical base. Raised on this support, the shade becomes an extension of the base.

The architect Arne Jacobsen created this lamp that lights up any public or private space, providing it with a great profusion of volatile, airy light that perhaps makes a reference to SAS airlines, or even an inner world. Jacobsen placed these gently softened lights in the entrance hall of the Hotel Royal, bringing the chairs into view while throwing the rest of the lobby into shadow. This differentiated large open spaces from the smaller areas which became cosy meeting places.

The Royal lamp is the result of combining simple geometric shapes to create the final form. The profile of the shade, in linen or thin cardboard, rises over a column of shiny steel, reproducing the same shape as the elliptical base. Four feet on the bottom raise the lamp from the floor. The solidity of this cast iron base gives stability to a high, vertically soaring lamp. The Royal changes as you change your viewing position; if you look at it from one side you will see a wide cylinder, which becomes slimmer as you move towards the front. The shade extends lengthwise offering a dilated surface for the diffusion of light and contrasting with the coldness of the metal. The inside of the shade is lit by two light bulbs, one pointing upward and the other downward, which can be lit independently to adjust the intensity of the light as required. The Royal lamp is the essence of Jacobsen's theory that "economy and functionality equal style.

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