Luigi Colani Seating Unit

Luigi Colani Modular Seating Units Rosenthal Studio-Line

Wright20, the Chicago Auction House, will have another modern & contemporary design auction on March 28th. We love this
Luigi Colani Modular Seating Lounge Unit which he designed for Rosenthal Studio-Line, Italy, ca. 1970. One of the most futuristic looking seating units ever created. The set offered through Wright20, includes eight chair units, three corner units, five floor cushions, two headrests, two leg rests and two side tables.

Estimate: $15,000 - $20,000

Luigi Colani: Luigi Colani, with his creativity and entirely novel approach for perfect and practical design of appliances and devices, even mundane objects, as well as complete industrial designs in terms of ergonomics, aerodynamics and functionalities, is a great designer of international renown well ahead of his time. Yet, in his modesty, he sees himself merely as a interpreter of Nature. Luigi Colani is closely observing Nature where development over aeons has produced uncountable wonders of perfection and beauty, and he further analyzes, adapts, adjusts and implements.

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