Taccia Time

With its base shaped like a classical Roman column; Taccia is instantly recognizable.  Created by Italian design legend Achille Castiglioni in 1958 and in continuous production by Flos ever since.

Tito Agnoli Floor Lamp

After a very long hiatus; half a century to be exact, Tito Agnoli's iconic modernist masterpiece returns! This Italian minimalist masterpiece is the ultimate dream lamp for many modernists.  It was designed in 1954 with a stainless steel diffuser.  This new edition is faithfully reproduced according to the original drawings but, according to the wish of Tito Agnoli himself; the diffuser is now finished in a matte nickel lacquer, something that was not technologically possible when it was first introduced in 1954. Brilliant in its simplicity, this Italian floor lamp is a modernist masterpiece of mid 20th century lighting design. Its purist and elegant silhouette combines form with function in a way that few other floor lamps have ever achieved. The 387 model, always know simply as "Agnoli 387 Lamp" after its designer, is one of the oldest items currently in the Oluce catalog. An absolute forerunner of minimalism, the Agnoli floor lamp takes the extraordinary "Cornalux" or "hammerhead" bulb, capable of directing the light in a highly precise manner, mounting it onto a sliding tube on a stem. The Agnoli lamp has a sophisticated thick Italian travertine base: another element in which simplicity and functionality are transformed into poetry. The Tito Agnoli 387 Floor Lamp is referenced in Repertorio Del Design Italiano 1950-2000 per L'arredamento Domestico by Gramigna, Giuliana, Vol. 1, Torino 2003, S. 39. 

Atollo Lamp

The instantly recognisable Atollo Lamp was designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977. The Atollo lamp is part of the NOVA68 Modern Design Classic collection. Vico Magistretti named this lamp "Atollo" which basically means "Island" in Italian. The base comprises a cylinder on which a cone is mounted, the diffuser is a half-circular cap. Thanks to Vico Magistretti's know-how these three geometric elements become a modern classic while reasoning on abstract compositional components. This classic edition in aluminum is available in either white or black. The internal diffuser is finished in white and reflects light back onto the base, providing an interplay of light and shadow that makes this fantastic modern lamp even more distinctive.

Panton Heart Chair

"Most people spend their lives living in dreary, beige conformity, mortally afraid of using colors. The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting." -Verner Panton

Verner Panton was one of the most influential designers of the 1960s and 1970s. Born in Denmark, Panton relocated to Switzerland in the early 1960s. He became known for his original and imaginative designs in the fields of furniture, lighting and textiles. Installations such as the legendary 'Visiona' exhibition demonstrated Verner Panton's masterful use of color, which is a hallmark of his work.

With the highly sculptural Heart Cone Chair (also known as the Heart Chair); Danish Designer Verner Panton took his Cone Chair but upped it up to a new level. Created in 1959 the Heart Cone Chair by Verner Panton is now a classic in the history of modern furniture design. Ever since its creation, the Panton Heart Cone Chair has combined ultimate comfort with both materials and workmanship of the highest quality. The backrest of the Heart Cone reminds of a Butterfly's Wings. Together with the cone, the base of the chair, the silhouette copies the form of a heart. With its butterfly wings that seem to defy gravity; Verner Panton's Heart Cone Chair seems to be ready to fly away at any instant. The Panton Heart Cone lounge chair lives in stylish interiors around the world and has been the subject of numerous ads, documentaries and books. This fully authorized Vitra edition is an exact match to the original from 1959; same materials and finish quality. Besides the basic Vitra upholstery colors, NOVA68 can upholster the Heart Cone Chair in any upholstery grade fabric of your choice.

Club Tropicana

When Things Get Tricky!
  The video that changed our life and will change yours if you allow it too!
Watch carefully and you will notice that there are lots of David Lynch-style underlying messages in this movie.
Remember, Club Tropicana drinks are free & all that twisting in the Sea!
Possibly the best advice I ever received.
Happy weekend everyone!
PS: Let's rent a Jet and fly to Rio someday!

Verner Panton Cone Chair 1958

Continuing my longtime love affair with mid-century modern design and in particular "space age design", I am presenting you with one of the most unique chairs of the 20th century. A quick glimpse of the Cone Chair and it is hard to imagine that this chair was designed back in 1958; more than half a century ago, at a time when the term "modern" was still connected to the "industrial revolution"...well kind off.  With a design that is as futuristic today as it was when it was first released, Danish designer Verner Panton established himself as a daring groundbreaking designer with an unlimited imagination. A designer with a take-no-prisoners attitude toward mind-blowing revolutionary new designs in furniture, lighting and interior design.  Some even compare him to Che Guevara; the revolutionary theorist. But that may be too far of a stretch; don't you agree? Verner Panton's Cone Chair become an improbable overnight bestseller for Verner Panton and the Plus Linje people from Denmark who produced the chair for Verner Panton until the early 1960s. Contributing to the success of the Panton Cone Chair, was the reaction it received in New York of all places. According to one popular legend, New York City police had to order its removal due to the traffic chaos its presence created while being displayed for the first time at a New York City shop. Mind you; it is a legend similar to the Loch Ness Monster. We will never know for sure.  But what we do know for sure is that these were wild times at Ridgemont High; once I was at a party and I am glad I took this picture (see photo below):

After careful consideration I have chosen to withhold the name of this private dancer to protect the identities of the observers in the room. What I can say however is that most of them were Mussolini-loving Italians who arrived from the morning flight from Rome with a stop-over in Capri on Pan Am.

 As I have stated before, the Cone chair was originally produced by Plus Linje in Denmark; a company that went kaput a really long time ago. This may not be a surprise since the people of Plus Linje were often seen partying with Steve Rubell, Bianja Jagger and Andy at Studio 54. Now that we mention Studio 54; it may sound irrelevant but we found Andy Warhol's telephone number from back in the day (see below).

From left to right: Andy Warhol, Omar Sharif (notice the way he is looking at Andy), Diana Vreeland, Plush Linje Gentleman and Steve Rubell in better days.  The guy in the white jacket behind Andy is the guy assigned to light up the moon with the spoon full of white stuff.  He didn't want to be in the picture for obvious reasons.

Second Name from Top; Andy's Telephone Number (add area code 212).  Now owned by an unrelated company so don't call!

So while everyone was putting on the Ritz; German designer Dieter Rams kept his cool and created some of the most amazing industrial design icons for Braun.  In Dutch I have a saying "Schoenmaker blijft bij je leest" and that is certainly how Dieter managed his business.

Dieter Rams says "what about me guys"?

Back to the Cone Chair now which is where this story got its start...I guess. This new edition is faithfully reproduced according the exact specifications by Vitra in Europe and is fully licensed and authorized by the Verner Panton estate.  The Cone Chair presented by NOVA68 is perfect when used as an accent chair; it is a great conversation piece too if you have the right type of mindset!

Lucia Fontana, Style Editor for moderndesign.org 

Simple Solitude

We Love you Winter; Now Just Go Home Already!

Photograph by Harry Callahan (no relation to the Clint Eastwood character)

Fiat 500 Nuova

Fiat 500 Nuova near Noli (SV), La Spiaggia.

Max Bill Ulm Stool

Good things come in small packages.  Design retailer NOVA68 is bringing back the Ulm Stool in a fully authorized edition with stamped Max Bill signature.  Refreshingly devoid of extra baggage; this minimalist piece of furniture continues to be one of our favorite Bauhaus-era products.  The Ulm Stool knows its cool and it clearly shows in an understated way that it doesn't need to proof anything to anyone; which is exactly the reason we like it.


Alessi Splugen Bottle Opener

Alessi Splugen Bottle Opener; a functional design icon for the person that has it all. Crack open a cold brewski or an Italian Campari soda bottle with a classic industrial design icon; the Splugen Bottle Opener designed by the Italian grandmaster flash of design, Achille Castiglioni. Few objects capture the efficient beauty of the industrial-like Splugen Bottle Opener. Merely looking at it and you know that this sleek bottle-opening tool means serious business. True, you don't need this much solid stainless steel just to open a bottle, but it sure makes popping caps fast and fun. The clean minimalist lines of this bottle opener are subtle enough that it can be a paper weight by day and a party starter by night. This professional bottle opener is the preferred tool of the trade for any self-respecting bar tender in Italy. A timeless icon of design as featured in the Wall Street Journal. Stamped with Alessi logo; the Splugen Bottle Opener comes packaged in a nice cardboard box suitable for gift-giving.

Modern Sound Absorbing Panels

These beautiful and super sleek sound absorbing wall panels add a stylish yet functional touch to any wall.  According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal; 'Airy, Sleek—And Really Loud: Popular Open Floor Plans Can Amplify Sound; New Design Elements Help Restore the Peace', there is a real need for functional yet beautiful sound absorbing wall panels, soundproofing materials and office sound absorbing solutions.  Let's face it; the cubicle in the office is a thing of the past.  Today's modern office layout includes an open space design were employees can share ideas.  And the open floor plans of large loft spaces, modern homes and apartments demands a sound absorbing solution. Trendy open floor plans where rooms aren't separated by walls mean voices carry. Hard surfaces like granite countertops, ceramic tile and hardwood floors can also amplify sound. 

An area rug, wall-to-wall carpeting or curtains can dampen the sound but can only do so much for those of us who have dogs or cats.  "If you have a large room with big windows, a high ceiling and a minimalist kind of look, you're going to have a problem, guaranteed," says Princeton, N.J., architect T. Jeffery Clarke according to the same Wall Street Journal article. He says homeowners and architects are sometimes so focused on the nitty-gritty of a construction project that something intangible, like the acoustics, "often gets ignored". But now there is a solution. Stardust Modern Design has just introduced their Oktav Sound Absorbing Wall Panels which are made in Sweden and can be custom made in any color. 

This versatile sound absorbing wall panel (also known in the trade as acoustical wall panels) can be arranged in a composition of your choice. Choose minimal greys for a minimalist Gerrit Rietveld style of appearance, or gentle greens for a calming effect which is easy on the eyes. Orange and red panels add a touch in the manner of Mark Rothko's Orange and Yellow. Oktav is both an effective and striking wall-mounted sound absorber. It is not a coincidence that Oktav complies with the highest sound class (A) for sound absorption as its acoustic properties are excellent. Each sound absorbing panel is light and easily mounts on walls with. Made with earth friendly recycled materialss; the panels are made with 40% recycled fabric waste, 20% recycled PET bottles and 40% new fabric materials. Each panels measures 21.65" x 21.65" (55cm x 55cm).  Perfect for sound proofing the minimalist modern home or the office.