Willy Guhl Loop Chair

Willy Guhl Loop Chair - no straight lines - only curves.
The Willy Guhl Loop Chair is an exceptionally beautiful modern outdoor garden chair.
 The Loop Chair is Willy Guhl at his best, a simple and pure Swiss modern design classic. The sculptural Loop Chair was designed in 1954 by Swiss designer, Willy Guhl, for Eternit in Switzerland. The Loop Chair is handmade of fiber cement: a light gray, cellulose infused fiber cement like concrete, which is nearly indestructible. The Loop Chair is an extremely elegant piece of outdoor furniture that's indifferent to harsh outdoor elements including sun, snow and hail.  It can take hot desert environments like Palm Springs and looks equally stunning on a New York City garden terrace.  Willy Guhl's Loop Chair is made with a single self-supporting fiber cement loop, hence its name, the Loop Chair. The chair would look amazing at any pool side, garden terrace or in a large loft space.  It is rather lightweight and easy to move around, making it a perfect lounge chair as well.  Handmade and imported from Switzerland.