Pony Play

The Art of Pony Play 

 The perfect movie for pony people, ponyboys and ponygirls (with good backs). Hop hop hop! Una grande fantasia! Now you can enjoy some good old fashioned pony play while looking at classic icons of Italian design (Artemide, Flos, Zanotta). Most of this furniture is still available from Nova68 and Stardust. La Matriarca (1968) was directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile and starred Catherine Spaak, Jean-Louis Trintignant and Gigi Proietti. This film was released in the UK under the title 'The Libertine' and in France under the title 'L'Amour a Cheval'; to protect the French public; we are not going to translate that French title. A young widow who discovers that her recently deceased husband kept a secret apartment for his kinky desires. Frustrated that he did not explore his sexual fantasies with his wife, she embarks on a quest to understand perversion and sexuality. She uses her late husband's apartment to seduce various men, each time learning more about the depths of human pleasure. Finally, lost to perversion and losing touch with her own identity, she meets the man who shares himself fully with her- accepting her for whomever she is. Not for the faint of heart, neither for prudes. This is mandatory viewing material in Italian and French colleges, no kidding. So think twice about sending your kids to college at La Sapienza in Rome next year. Old habits die hard, especially in Italy (which may be a good thing). 

  The Libertine