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Constellation Lamps
Picture perfect Constellation lamps from Nova68.  We love these stylish lamps; they effortlessly blend rustic charm with a touch of bohemian modern elegance, making them equally suitable for both high end contemporary modern homes and classic turn of the century Brooklyn brownstones.  Would love to have these light fixtures above the kitchen counter or above the dining table.  These would also look beautiful hung in groups, suspended at different heights in a corner of a room.  The beautiful Constellation pendant light fixtures were inspired by the stars that light up the sky on a crisp and clear night. Natural-looking globes are crafted by hand of zinc-plated iron and are hand-drilled to create these wonderful stellar pendant shades. Stardust sparkles of light shine through and create a captivating light display. Pendant lights feature clear electrical cords and quality porcelain sockets. These attractive Constellation pendant lamps set the perfect tone with a truly timeless look. The brilliant Constellation pendant lights create a welcoming and warm ambience in any room. Made with UL listed components. Small lamp 40 watt max; large lamp 60 watt max.

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Time Traveler

Time Traveler

Yosemite Park Fast Forward

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

This Yosemite Park Fast Forward video is a collaboration between Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty. All timelapses were shot on the Canon 5D Mark II with a variety of Canon L and Zeiss CP.2 Lenses.

La Mela

La Mela (image credit

Classic Set of French Wheels

The Citroën H van was designed by Pierre Franchiset for the French car maker Citroën in 1946. A simple yet efficient icon of industrial design.  This unassuming icon of French culture was produced from 1947 until 1981.  Close to 500,000 of them where sold, mostly in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.  Chances are, you can still find them rusting away in the French country side.  The perfect van to move your Baguettes, Ficelles and Petits Pains au Chocolat. Mmmmmhhhhh......

Las Vegas Vintage Neon Signs

Destination Las Vegas

The Best of Las Vegas: The Las Vegas Neon Boneyard Park. A tribute to the neon signs of yesteryear, the electrified icons from the time Bugsy Siegel and the mob ruled Las Vegas...long before the big corporations moved in. Fans of vintage Americana will find great joy in this fabulous collection of vintage neon signs from yesteryear; included are neon signs from the Golden Nugget, The Algiers, Stardust, The Hacienda, Aladdin Hotel, The Flame, etc. Most of these derelict vintage neon signs are currently located at a dusty lot on Las Vegas Boulevard North, far away from the cheap glitter and glam that Las Vegas has to offer nowadays. They are joined by the remnants of the old, partially-demolished, La Concha hotel (designed by Paul Revere Williams). The Neon Boneyard Park definitely deserves more attention from the city of Las Vegas; it really seems to have been an afterthought, tours are currently limited and only portion of the Boneyard collection is available for tours and photo shoots by advanced appointment. What a missed opportunity... Bugsy sure would have wanted a little bit more respect.

Modern Pool House in Sonoma

Picture perfect modern pool house and gardens in Sonoma, California. We love the clean minimalist lines and the unique beveled edge of this beautiful and well thought out modern pool house located in Sonoma California. Designed by notable San Francisco Bay Area architect George Bevan of Bevan & Associates.


Modern Lighting Done Right: Moon Rock Lamps by André Cazenave (image credit the Apartment in Denmark)
Lighting done right; these timeless modern rock lights are by French designer André Cazenave and were designed in 1970. Hand crafted. Various available sizes through