What Happens in the Chemosphere....

Benedikt and Angelika Taschen at John Lautner - Chemosphere - Image Credit David La Chapelle

John Lautner 
Malin House 
'The Chemosphere' 

What Happens in the Chemosphere...stays in the Chemosphere.  Benedikt Taschen gets a good spanking from Angelika Taschen at the Chemosphere.  John Lautner's Malin House aka 'The Chemosphere' was created by John Lautner in 1961.  John Lautner built this house for Leonard Malin, an aircraft electronics engineer short on money but high on imagination: Leonard Malin took a one year sabbatical from his work to assist the general contractor. Leonard Malin gave John Lautner a budget of $30,000, a sum that was agreed upon and construction began in May 1959. The house is today considered one of the great architectural modern icons of Los Angeles. The Chemosphere, which resembles a flying saucer (and is sometimes mistaken for one) is located at 7776 Torreyson Drive in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. Here is a beautiful image of the Chemosphere at night as photographed by Joshua White.

John Lautner - Chemosphere - Image Credit Joshua White Photography