Party Time

Sly and Andy at Studio 54, New York.  © Ron Galella

Ron Galella: Halston, Bianca Jagger and Liza Minelli, Studio 54, New York, January 1978. © Ron Galella, Ltd.

Unknown Photographer: Penelope Tree and David Bailey, ´60s. © Agenzia Araldo Crollolanza

David Bailey: Mick Jagger, Fur Hood, 1964. © David Bailey

Ron Galella: Lester Persky, Andy Warhol and Truman Capote, New York, December 1978. © Ron Galella, Ltd.

Paul Schmulbach: Guarding against the Godfather - Marlon Brando and Ron Galella, The Waldorf Hotel, New York, November 1974. © Ron Galella, Ltd.

Francesco Scavullo: Grace Jones, 1979. © Francesco Scavullo, Motion Picture Group Inc.

It is as if a new era has dawned, a 'revolution of the young' has begun: new faces, incredible music, unusual beauties, a change of fashion, style, and taste, another way of life. Everyone wants to be a part of it and everyone and everything is mingling together: la dolce vita and subculture, glamour and art and intellectual currents. The protagonists of money and power surround themselves with the protagonists of the arts: aristocracy, politics, business, painting, music, film, fashion, dance, theatre, and performance. Capture the visions, ideas, and dreams of an age that has passed, that exercises a magnetic pull on the modern-day beholder. For the young, Jackie Kennedy, Mick Jagger, Maria Callas, Truman Capote and their ilk are cult figures. Our own youth seems to reawaken in these names that represent an entire era. We recognize and remember: Swinging London, Warhol’s Factory, Studio 54, Blow up, Pop Art, sex, drugs and rock‘n’roll, stories, episodes, and scandals.