Picasso's Mediterranean Years

Pablo Picasso, Villa la Californie, Cannes, 1957 photographed by René Burri.

The Picasso's Mediterranean Years (1945-1962) exhibition at Gagosion London on 6-24 Brittania Street will open on Friday June 4th. The exhibition will run until August 28th 2010.

Following the success of "Picasso: Mosqueteros" in the spring of 2009 -- an exhibition heralded by The New York Times as one of the best shows in the city since the turn of the century, Picasso biographer John Richardson will again partner with the artist's grandson Bernard Ruiz, Picasso to curate "Picasso: The Mediterranean Years (1945-1962)" at Gagosian Gallery Britannia Street in London.

With a focus on Picasso's most intimate works, "Picasso: The Mediterranean Years" will provide an important contrast to Tate Liverpool's exhibition "Picasso: Peace and Freedom." Between these two exhibitions, visitors to Great Britain in the summer of 2010 will have an extraordinary opportunity to explore the public and private faces of this peerlessly multi-dimensional artist in the 1950s.

Gagosian Gallery

Veruschka Ultimate Collection

Veruschka may indeed be the most beautiful woman in the world. But this great supermodel has always been more than just a pretty face. Vera Lehndorff transformed her image, her name, and the world in the pursuit of high fashion and of art. Veruschka lavishly explores her life and career, through interviews with luminaries such as Diana Vreeland and Grace Mirabella; through the photographs of Richard Avedon, Scavullo, Irving Penn, Steven Meisel, Bert Stern, and Rubartelli, among others; through magazine covers charting her ascension as model and icon; and through her own thoughts, musings, and memories. Page after page of photography reveals a story of adventure, of a changing culture, and of exquisite beauty. As a model, stylist, and creative conspirator, Veruschka exudes intelligence and strength. This limited edition volume pays homage to the woman who helped to forever change the landscape of fashion and photography.

Veruschka Ultimate Collection by Assouline

Claudia Schiffer in Monaco

Claudia Schiffer in Monaco as captured by Mario Testino for Salvatore Ferragamo. 
 Classic 1950s Jet Set atmosphere on the Mediterranean.

Table Lamp by Ingo Maurer

Bulb is one of Ingo Maurer's earliest designs. It celebrates Thomas Edison and the simple incandescent bulb in a pop design jacket. The outer envelope of beautiful hand-made glass houses a crown-silvered 100W bulb. It is held by a chrome-plated base.

Ingo Maurer's Bulb lamp is a modern design classic from 1966! The Bulb lamp is a modern table lamp which was designed by Ingo Maurer in Germany. The Bulb lamp has the features of an oversized double light bulb. The Bulb lamp is Ingo Maurer's first manufactured lamp and the one that launched his company Design M. The Bulb table lamp borrows its style from pop art. This pop art work treats the light bulb itself as a remarkable piece of design and art. The Bulb lamp consists of an oversize blown-glass cartoon of a light bulb that holds a smaller, working bulb within it. It nicely embodies the witty, playful spirit of the Pop era.

Ingo Maurer Bulb Lamp

Pop Art Lighting by Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer's Canned Light is a modern pop art pendant lamp designed by Matthias and Sczech for Ingo Maurer in Germany. Canned Light takes a design classic - The Andy Warhol Campbell's Pop Art Tomato Soup tin can - and turns it into a versatile modern light fixture. Canned light is versatile and functional: it can be used as a pendant light or as a wall light. Everything you need is in the can! The bottom pulls open like a regular can and reveals all the hardware needed to install the lamp. The Canned Light is an ingenious modern pendant light and is perfectly suited for any modern interior.

Ingo Maurer Canned Light

Flying Car UFO by Erwin Wurm

UFO conceptual art by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. How about that.

"If you approach things with a sense of humor, people immediately assume you're not to be taken seriously. But I think truths about society and human existence can be approached in different ways. You don't always have to be deadly serious. Sarcasm and humor can help you see things in a lighter vein."

To see more of Erwin's work, view the film:

Xavier Veilhan Previous Work

Previous works of art by French artist Xavier Veilhan.  You may remember this last sculptural work since it was used for the cover of Air's Pocket Symphony

Big Mobile by Xavier Veilhan

Big Mobile installation of gargantuan proportions by French artist Xavier Veilhan.

"At the start of each new project I undertake, I make a list of objects and concepts that seem interesting to link together. These words then become images that then become a structural beam of indexes for my project. This chain of found images - a view from a space telescope, a linear, psychadelic rendering of a vortex, and a photograph of spheres - is the collage that brings together my thinking for the Grand Mobile".

Watch the Big Mobile in action...yes, it does move!
Video will start automatically in 15 seconds.

Ceiling Mobile by Xavier Veilhan

Ceiling mobile titled 'Le Mobile' by French contemporary artist

Xavier Veilhan's menagerie of ceiling mobiles, crystalline animals and figures have populated the blankness of many a white cube. Drawing on references ranging from classical statuary to Futurism and Op art, Veilhan has been compared to artists such as Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and perhaps even Alexander Calder. Perhaps it is no coincidence that his studio is located at the rue Fernand Léger in Paris.  We certainly do wish him the same staying power since his wide body of work is truly exceptional.

Infinity Mirror by Iván Navarro

Sendero Luminoso by Iván Navarro.  Iván Navarro views his work as building upon the unresolved aspects of minimalism, striving to engage viewer interaction and highlight the social and political factors that inherently lie within formal composition. Iván Navarro’s light sculptures glow and buzz with color and electrical current, transforming utilitarian objects (the shopping cart, the wheelbarrow, the door, the mirror, the ladder) into radiant yet foreboding forms with double meanings.

Image Credit

San Pellegrino Limonata

Quite classy San Pellegrino Limonata by Paige Vickers.

Spring Italian Style

Spring Italian Style with classic Fiat 500.

Philipp Keel's Simple Diary™

Simple Diary Available in six bright colors.

Simple Diary Question: God has spoken to you () yes () no

Keeping a diary may seem like a thing of yesteryear but you would never be able to tell when you look at the popularity of Philipp Keel's Simple Diary™. These colorful diaries are all the rage right now, perhaps because even we sometimes are tired with the ever increasing speed of change. In a world where products are out as soon as they're in, where communicating without wires doesn't come without strings, and even our accessories need accessories, we need simple tools. A book that helps us look inside because we are overloaded outside. Philipp Keel's Simple Diary™ is an assistant for life, a book for any occasion, for any person at any age. On every page you will discover a taste of philosophy, a pinch of psychology and a twist of insight. The questions are deceptively simple... it really makes you slow down and think.  The first volume has a quote which reads 'to share a fantasy is another fantasy' and this may very well be the reason why these books are so successful; don't we all want to be found.  Each volume is available in six colors: red, orange, yellow, brown, royal blue, lime green. This little classy diary may very well be the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones.

You may use Simple Diary
* however you like.
* whenever you want.
* wherever you are.
* randomly or page by page.
* filling in your thoughts or leaving it blank.
* reading one page or as many as you wish.
* and putting it aside for a while.
* as an assistant for any occasion in life.

Philipp Keel's Simple Diary™ is sold through most book stores or Amazon.com