Tom Dixon Beat Shade Lights

Tom Dixon Beat Shade Lights

The Beat Shade pendant lamps are designed by Tom Dixon from the UK. The Beat Shade series are made of hand-beaten brass with a black patinated exterior. We admire the unique and daring mix of modern forms matched to ancient materials. The Beat Shades are ecologically sound and have a "reclaimed feeling". The Beat Shades come in four distinctive shapes including Wide, Stout, Fat and Tall (see bottom page). The Beat Lights look amazing hung individually or in a group as shown in the Shoreditch House, London.

Nicely done Tom!

Modern Ligthing Sconce

Modern Ligthing Sconce

You probably noticed this wall sconce in magazines from the 1950's through the 1970's.
This modern wall lamp used to be all over the place! Super cool and well-designed, it is an original American Classic! It was impossible to find this light for a long time since it went out of production. But now, this classic mid century modern wall sconce is back and its better than ever since it is now UL rated for both indoor- and outdoor use!

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Fiat 500 New Italian Mod Car

Fiat 500 New Italian Mod Car

This car has no competion when it concerns cuteness.

We couldn't believe our eyes but it is finally happening. Fiat decided to bring back the beloved iconic Fiat 500 super mini car! If you like the Mini Cooper you will adore the Fiat 500! It's a true Italian classic, just like espresso! The Fiat 500 won the Car of the Year Award 2008.

So small, you could "almost" fit it in your pocket:

Great interior styling:

And...available in the following colors:

A great car to make new friends:

The Fiat range starts at about 15,000 Euro.

Unfortunately there is no Fiat dealer to be found in North America!
So grab your chance, contact Fiat in Italy & convince them to become the exclusive dealer!

And this is the car that started it all, the original classic Fiat 500:

And here is the (rather confusing) website of Fiat:

Aptera Modern Green Car

Aptera Modern Green Car of the Future: The Little Car that Could

Sure, your Prius rocks, but than you have never seen anything like the aptera before! The Aptera truly looks and is the car of the future! The first operating Aptera achieved over 230 Miles per gallon, let me repeat that, that is 230 MILES PER GALLON! This sure is going to give some oil executives sleepless nights. Looking at typical California electricity rates the cost to charge the Aptera should be in the $1 to $2 range for "one charge".

Five years ago, Aptera's founder Steve Fambro endeavored to design and build a passenger vehicle that was safe, comfortable, and more fuel-efficient than anything ever produced. This aspiration, combined with his background in engineering, led him to an intensive study of aerodynamics, and composite aircraft construction. He hypothesized that a low-drag, aerodynamic body shape could be achieved without sacrificing comfort, drivability or safety.

What emerged, after much designing, conceptualizing, and constructing, was a prototype two-seat, three-wheeled vehicle. This first operating prototype achieved a stunning 230 miles per gallon, Building on this success, Steve expanded his Aptera team and created the Aptera Typ-1, which has been re-designed, re-engineered, and refined into a production ready vehicle.

And its behind might make you blush, nothing comes close.

The approximate price for the all electric version is $27,000 and the plug-in hybrid $30,000. These prices are subject to change any time before they begin production. The goal is to begin production of the all-electric in late 2008 and the hybrid in late 2009. And the company is now taking reservations.

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Andy Warhol Banana Obsession

Andy Warhol Banana Obsession
Show 'em your Banana with these cool Banana enhancing objects!

Bend the Rules Ruler

Bend the rules banana-style!

The "Bend the Rules" Ruler is a must for your bureaucratic friends and family!
Also a great tool to overthrow a government of a banana republic!
You will be hard pressed to find any better tool to bend the rules "accurately"!
The Bend the Rules ruler is about 12" long and says "made in Bananistan".
Made from stainless steel.

Designed by Arash & Kelly in the UK.

Truly Big Clip Coat Hook

Big Clip Coat Hooks

Imagine being able to put a small paper clip on a copy machine and hit the 1000% enlarge button! The result is the "Big Clip" coat hook made of posh stainless steel with mirror finish. The Pop-Art inspired "Big Clip" is part of the Post Design Series from Memphis Milano, a collection designed by students from the Royal College of Art UK in 1999 under the direction of Ron Arad, who has exhibited at major museums and galleries throughout the world and designed for many leading companies including among others Kartell, Vitra, Moroso, Fiam, Driade, Alessi, Flos. Arash Kaynama studied at the Royal College of Art where he met Kelly Sant in 2000, they have been working together designing products ever since. Their design philosophy is about developing practical and original products with added value.

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Moooi Design Pantheon

Job Smeets & Nynke Tynagel: Moooi Pantheon Throw
Moooi Design, imported from Europe.

Pantheon was designed by Job Smeets & Nynke Tynagel. This oversized Throw is bound to be a classic. Designers Job Smeets & Nynke Tynagel transformed an ordinary throw into an artistic collage which includes animals, airplanes, war symbols and even some skulls. This unique display, to say the least, guarantees to be a conversation piece for many years to come.

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Luxury Home Decor Pillows

Scholten & Baijings: t.e. 42 Luxury Cushion/Pillow Multi Color Square
Thomas Eyck, Netherlands.

The finest luxury cushions/pillows (lots of) money can buy.

The richly colored cushions by Scholten & Baijings, Studio for Design, create a true explosion of colors in the interior. The patterns on these cushions are compiled of brightly-colored stripes and interrupted shifts in color. The design duo had them woven at the weaving mill of Weverij De Ploeg, who have been working with renowned designers since 1923. The cushions are woven from merino wool and cotton, making them irresistibly soft to the touch.

Modern Paperweights

Modern Animal Paperweight & Book End Collection

Who wouldn't like a pink elephant on his desk? This wonderful and accessibly priced line of happy animals feautures a Giraffe, Elephant, Penguin, Polar Bear, Panda and Teddy Bear. Each of these elegant creatures makes a perfect gift for friends, family or yourself. Use them as a paperweight, book end or simply use them as whimsical and fun design objects on your desk or cabinet! They are wonderful to look & to play with. Handcrafted with earth-friendly faux leather and perfectly weighted and balanced with natural cotton and iron fillings to keep letters or books in place. Presented in a drawstring bag and craft box.

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Past, Present, Future Watch

Daniel Will-Harris: Past, Present & Future Watch

Live in the present. That's what we strive to do. This unique timepiece beautifully reminds you that "there's no time like the present." You only see the present time: what's past is past. The future doesn't exist yet. The time is now. At once super minimal and warmly conceptual, Past, Present, Future is a meditation on time.

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Ross McBride Modern Designer Watch

Ross McBride Extra Normal Design Watches

The Ross McBride Extra Normal watch is from his line of Extra Normal time pieces which also includes wall clocks. The Ross McBride Extra Normal Watch represents the culmination of designer/producer Ross McBride's strong desire to create a brand that completely embodies his aesthetics, and long time fascination with timepieces. The inaugural product range includes the Exra Normal Watch of which the hour hand reveals the time as it makes its way around the watch's face. This amazing watch is presented in a gift box.

Ross McBride Extra Normal Clock

Ross McBride Extra Normal Modern Wall Clocks

This truly is a very unique modern wall clock. The Ross McBride Extra Normal Clocks represents the culmination of designer/producer Ross McBride's strong desire to create a brand that completely embodies his aesthetics, and long time fascination with timepieces. The inaugural product range includes the Exra Normal Clock of which the hour hand reveals the time as it makes its way around the clock's face.

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Liquid Raindrop Lights

Liquid Raindrop Lights

Like a falling raindrop from the sky, a captivating display of light.
These lamps offer a warm and diffused light for any space, while aesthetically combining light and water. This award-winning series of lamps visually enhances every type of architecture. The lamp creates a modern and warm environment perfect for either small and large residential or commercial projects.
By using colored light bulbs one can create different colorful light effects.

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Porsche 911 New Redesign

Porsche released its new re-designed Porsche 911 line:

911 Carrera Cabriolet
911 Carrera S Cabriolet
911 Carrera
911 Carrera S
911 Carrera 4
911 Carrera 4S
911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet
911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet
911 Targa 4
911 Targa 4S

The Porsche 911 stirs emotions in many. It is without question one of the best designed cars of the last century where the Porsche design team continues to walk the perfect balance on a tight rope between good design and German quality engineering. Porsche designs their cars on two distinctive emotions: a unique design… and inner strength.

Every element fulfills a function. From this principle, the new 911 draws its inner strenght. The logical sequence of this is the new 911 Carrera's very low drag coefficient of 0.29.

The air intakes on the new front end have been enlarged to provide increased cooling power and give an even more dynamic appearance.

Outstanding driving dynamics and traction are what the allwheel-drive variants of the 911 have to offer above all else. And they are instantly recognizable. By their wider body - an extra 44mm at the rear wings. By their wider track at the rear - an extra 14mm - and wider rear tyres. Also, by their titanium colored front air intake grills and slats, and new seamless taillight strip. Painted in black for contrast, the trims on the lower rear panel and the side skirts provide improved protection against stone impact.

Cecilie Manz Caravaggio Lamp

Cecilie Manz Caravaggio Pendant Lamp

Creating a simple, soft design for small and large pendants was the main idea behind Cecilie Manz' Caravaggio series. The curves passed through a number of shapes during the design process, but this version captures a feminine form.

The shade is made of drawn steel and coated with smooth, high-gloss painting. The suspension technology is masculine in construction, creating the right counterbalance to the shade's feminine lines. The suspension assembly consists of curved steel rods and two pieces of die-cast, aluminium-zinc alloy coated in matt chrome. The depth of the shade prevents glare, no matter how high the pendant is hung. Caravaggio also features an opening at the top, which casts light upwards and illuminates both the suspension and cord.

Caravaggio is characterized by direct lighting without glare. It also adds to the room's ambient light via the upward lighting from the pendant's top.

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Harri Koskinen Block Lamp

Harri Koskinen Block Lamp

This spectacular table lamp is a classic! The Block Lamp was featured at the New York Museum of Modern Art and London's Victoria and Albert Museum. It has wun numerous awards including the Swedish Design Award and the Design Plus Ambiente Award.

Each part of the block lamp is hand cast and it undergoes an extremely long cooling process to avoid cracking later on if exposed to strong temperature changes. The matt bulb shape is sand-blasted.

New Wave Electro Party in Belgium

New Wave Electro Party in Belgium.
Very Classy Design.