Trussardi: Roman Holiday

Trussardi: Roman Holiday

Trussardi is an stylish house hold name in Europe, similar to Prada and Armani.
We love this picture which was featured by Trussardi on it's website for the Spring Collection 2006. It's such a great shot. Kind of like a modern "Roman Holiday" which starred Audrey Hepburn and Greogory Peck (available from Netflix). It made us dream of booking a one-way ticket to Italy.

About Trussardi:

Founded in 1911 by Dante Trussardi as a producer of fine gloves, in the 1970s, thanks to Nicola Trussardi and the support of his wife, Marialuisa, the Trussardi trademark took on a true identity, which has been nurtured in a consistent way ever since.

In 1973 Trussardi was the first Italian fashion company to make use of a modern concept of the brand, with the creation of the greyhound logo: an icon of elegance and dynamism that has become the distinctive symbol of a Trussardi world in continuing evolution, but always faithful to its own character. Starting with a tradition of craftsmanship in the field of working and experimentation with the tanning of leathers, the brand specialized in the creation of accessories - luggage, handbags and small leather goods - that have met with growing success in Italy and abroad.

1983 was the year of the debut of the pret-a-porter collections, with a show at Teatro alla Scala in Milan. In the meantime Trussardi also applied his sense of beauty and functional quality in the field of design, creating objects for personal use, as well as an elegant bicycle, and rethinking the styling of motorcycles, car interiors and even aircraft interiors. This aesthetic exercise in different fields meant that during the 1980s the trademark became a synonym for total, 360 degrees style, and the activities of Trussardi were diversified thanks to the modern, global vision of business of Nicola Trussardi, ranging from design to finance, marketing to culture. This led to the idea of the Palatrussardi, an indispensable point of reference for the widest range of cultural events during the Eighties. And this also led to a vast range of products in all fashion fields embracing lines like Trussardi Jeans, Trussardi Sport, a childrenswear collection, neckties, foulards, fragrances and eyewear.

In the 1990s the company became a corporate group, developing an international network of monobrand boutiques. But above all this was the period of concrete realization of the particular global philosophy of the Trussardi style, through the restoration of Palazzo Marino alla Scala and the creation of Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, with its mission of spreading contemporary culture in all its various aspects and languages. In this way the maison strengthens its disposition to communicate its values to the outside.

In 1999 Beatrice and Francesco Trussardi approached the task of moving forward with the entrepreneurial program of their father, while immediately bringing their own personal, innovative touch to the identity of the maison. The group's management takes on a dynamic, innovative approach, in tune with the times. Being aware of the enormous value originating from almost 100 years of experience in leather treatment, and with the goal of becoming the expression, to an increasing extent, of a profound, distinctive experience of quality, the Trussardi group aims at ensuring greater concentration on the company's strategic business - leather goods and apparel- with a particular focus on its core-business, leather goods.

We applaud Trussardi with its vision but hope they would focus on non-leather alternatives, after all, Louis Vuitton is king without leather as well and we like the friendly animals of this planet very much...

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